This blog is about fear and courage. It’s about my relationship with my shadow – all the fear and grief and shame I’d never let myself feel. It’s also about my relationship with my Soul (usually referred to as Her or She). And it’s about the small everyday acts of bravery that build courage and strengthen the heart muscle.

It’s partly a journal, partly a personal research project and partly a declaration of intent. Through these words I intend to stretch, grow, rise and reclaim my voice.

I am Belinda Noakes. I currently live by the beach on the Gold Coast in Australia. You can reach me here:

email: belinda.noakes@gmail.com
skype: belindanoakes


  1. I love what you are posting. I found your post through Sera Beak’s post. I plan to attend her Montana retreat this summer. Loved reading aboityiur experience there. Loved reading about the home you leased. My fantasy! Just wanted to say, “keep sharing!” You inspire me. Thank you.


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