tinybrave is moving…

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Hello lovelies.

This isn’t a blog post as much as a memo to all my WordPress subscribers. This week, tinybrave is moving to a new home on Rainmaker (WordPress on steroids). I’m excited about the stuff I’ll be able to make using my new box of Rainmaker tools.

Unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow me to export the details of anyone who subscribed to tinybrave through their own WordPress account. I’ve taken the liberty of adding a few of you who I know personally to my new email list (if that was wrong, I apologise and you can unsubscribe straight away). But for anyone else who’d like to follow me & tinybrave to our new home, please either send me an email now or check back on the website in about a week’s time. You’ll be able to give me your email address then so you never miss a post, get a sneak preview of my upcoming tinybrave book and get updates on new stuff.

And if you decide not to come, I send a big wave of love and gratitude for accompanying me on this journey so far. All the best to you.